What on Facebook Does ISO Mean?

Facebook Does ISO Mean

A side effect of using social media platforms is the use of slang. If you use Facebook frequently, you may have already encountered a few people you weren’t familiar with.

Continue reading to learn some of the common terms you can encounter while scrolling through your feed if you want to be on top of your slang game.

What on Facebook Does ISO Mean?

On Facebook, ISO stands for “In Search Of,” but depending on the social network you’re on, it may also mean other things.


If a Facebook user wants to buy a specific item that their friends may also be interested in, they will use the word “ISO.” An illustration of this might be someone posting on their timeline, “Finding a decent puppy daycare in the neighborhood.” This will enable their friends to recommend the dog daycare facility they believe to be the best in the neighborhood.

What Else Is ISO Abbreviated As?

Again, ISO might mean different things depending on the social networking platform you’re on. When you’re on Facebook, ISO will almost always stand for “In Search Of.” But, you could come across more meanings elsewhere.

You could also see this phrase with the meanings “In Instead Of,” “In Support Of,” and “In Service Of.”

What on Facebook Does EUC Mean?

You might come across a few other words on Facebook Marketplace that you aren’t familiar with. One acronym that you can come across and not understand is EUC.

When going through Marketplace, you may notice users referring to the item they’re trying to sell as being in “Excellent Used Condition,” or EUC. It goes without saying that the phrase refers to an object that is used yet in outstanding shape.


In essence, it’s merely a means for users to increase the likelihood that their product will be sold. Announcing that a product is used but in good shape could pique the interest of people who are watching the product because the word “excellent” is utilized.

Keep an eye out for the term “EUC” the next time you’re scrolling through Marketplace looking for something because it might make your next purchase much simpler.

What on Facebook Does NWT Mean?

Another phrase you may come across while browsing Facebook Marketplace or any other social media platform that allows people to sell things is NWT, or “New With Tagging.”

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Tag NWT indicates exactly what it says on the tin: the item hasn’t been used much, and the vendor can verify it by the fact that the original tags are still attached.

What on Facebook Does PPU Mean?

PPU, which stands for “Pending Pick Up,” is a phrase that is frequently used on websites where users can buy and sell goods. In the description of an item on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, for instance, you might see “PPU” mentioned.

PPU signifies that the agreement between the buyer and the seller has been reached and that the item is ready for pickup. The item will be accessible for other buyers to contact the seller about if, for whatever reason, the buyer does not end up claiming it from the seller.


It’s always beneficial to comprehend and be aware of concepts like the ones we discussed. See if you come across any of the terms mentioned above the next time you’re scrolling through Facebook or Facebook Marketplace.

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