What Does “NIL” Mean on Facebook?

NIL” Mean on Facebook

You long for the lovely red outfit you just saw in this Nil Facebook group. You then continue to make the same claim in the comments. The vendor responds with “nil.” Huh? Now, what does that mean? Can you purchase the dress?

What Does It Mean When Someone Says “Nil” on Facebook?

When someone says “nil” on Facebook, it can indicate either of the three things:

Nothing or zero
Next in line \sForbidding
Let’s look at each of these definitions to get a better idea of what they mean.

#1 Nothing, often known as zero

In this particular context, the word “nil” is a contraction of the Latin word “nihil,” which can be translated as either nothing or zero. Although “nil” is a very common term, people in Britain use it more frequently than people in the United States do. When there is no score in a football match, an American might use the term “nil,” whereas a British person is more likely to use it when referring to tennis matches.

To help you better grasp how to utilize the word “nil” in regular conversations, here is a demonstration of how to do so:

Friend: Did you watch the Chelsea play last night? What is the total score for them?

You: They scored nil.

#2 Facebook groups that allow users to buy and sell items use a variety of acronyms that are unique to the platform. If you are not familiar with these acronyms, you run the risk of missing out on a significant opportunity to acquire or sell something. You might even end up selling the item to someone who is not even the next person in line if you are successful.

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Thus, it is possible that someone has already responded indicating that they are interested in purchasing the thing that you are selling. The next individual who replies asking for that thing is “nil,” which means there is no one (Next in Line). In the event that the first individual does not take the product, it will be given to the person who is “nil.”


Buyer: Yes, I’m interested in purchasing this red cotton dress.
You: NIL #3 Forbidding Anything to Be Consumed, Including Food and Drink
If you are a member of any medical or health-related groups on Facebook, you have probably come across the phrase “nil by mouth,” which translates to the prohibition of consuming anything by way of eating or drinking. This is a standard component of the instructions that a doctor gives before surgery and is frequently used in the United Kingdom.

Instructions for patients who have had an appendectomy, for example:

  • complete the permission form indicating that you are aware of the potential hazards of the surgery.
  • before operation, nothing is to be taken by mouth for a period of eight hours.
  • Before entering the surgery room, please ensure that all of your jewelry is removed.


You should now be familiar with all three of the most typical interpretations of the word “nil.” It is up to you at this point to comprehend the significance of the phrase within the framework of the discussion that is currently taking place.

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