What Does IMA Stand For and Mean?

IMA Stand For and Mean

When typing a text or message, acronyms can be a tremendous time saver. And although some IMA of them are clear in what they signify, others aren’t…

You’ve come to the right site if you’ve gotten a text or message with the phrase “IMA” and are unsure of what it signifies or simply want to learn more about it.

IMA Significa

How Does Work?

What does IMA mean then? That denotes that I Will. Some individuals even use it when speaking. Also known as I Must Admit.

The History

In order to save time when texting, as I already explained, it was abbreviated quickly after the invention of the cell phone.

What Other Definitions of IMA Exist?

I Must Admit is another name for IMA, which is typically the first line of a confession. Depending on who you ask and the situation, this could be beneficial or terrible.

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It would be nice if, for instance, your lover told you, “Hey, I think you’re beautiful and I love you.”
If your sister told you, “Hey, I damaged your blouse,” that would be horrible.

Who Utilizes ?

Anybody can use IMA, regardless of age, but generally young adults and teenagers do. It’s crucial to take your relationship with the person you’re texting or messaging into account. It would be wise to refrain from using IMA when messaging or texting your job or a parent with whom you have a more formal relationship. But, you could use it to securely text a sibling or close friend.

Use of IMA

Again, you would apply IMA to anyone with whom you have a friendly or casual relationship. Similarly to a sibling, friend, close cousin, or even a coworker you get along with and would consider a friend.

Examples of IMA’s Usage

Here are some instances of how to utilize IMA now that you understand what it implies and when to and when not to use it:


  • “IMA love you forever,” the guy texts the girlfriend.
  • “IMA borrow your blouse,” said a sister to another.

SMS to a cousin:

Cousin 1: They dumped me despite saying they loved me.

“IMA beat them up,” said cousin two.
Message from a coworker with whom you are friendly:

Coworker 1: tomorrow off. For me, cover?

  • But you owe me one, says coworker number two.
  • Alternative Forms of IMA
  • Please refrain from messaging IMA to the person you are texting if you feel (or know) that it would be improper.

What else can you type in its place?

Of course, you could just type I’m heading to (XYZ).

You might also type I’ll (XYZ)…

Because you took the time to put this out completely, it comes across to the other person as more courteous and certain. Without stating it out loud, you’re expressing your recognition that they deserve your respect and attention, even if it’s only for a little while. Because you’re not rushing to write or transmit it, you’re also implying (again, implicitly) that what you’re saying is significant and deserving of respect.

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