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Solutions with the Correct Products

Solutions Correct Products for more than 35 years, we have assisted individuals in creating the best solutions and choosing the suitable equipment to improve their mail management process, and we can do the same for your company. Get a Complimentary mail review from one of our specialists by registering!

Correct Products

Automated Mail Systems WALZ Certified

With the help of our form and envelope solutions, you may send Certified Mail or Priority Mail directly from your workstation. Our most well-liked web-based system,, offers thorough mail tracking event data from the USPS as well as on-demand bespoke reporting possibilities. Our offline WCM-Plus software solution enables you to preserve your data behind your firewall or use your current internal systems while working with pre-barcoded Certified Mail forms. There are no contracts, minimum volume obligations, or other hidden costs, and all software solutions are provided without charge.

Our industry-leading WALZ-compatible forms allow you to print straight onto the form, which includes all the information you need to turn any envelope into a Certified Letter – including the actual green card return receipt – eliminating the time and waste of manually creating “green cards”

The best way to make certified mailers

It might be challenging to manage a lot of mail, but it doesn’t have to be. Each mailroom may be optimized using our solutions. Without requiring any more equipment, expand your products to include Certified Mail or Priority Mail. Whether you require 250 volumes per year or 100,000 volumes per hour, our solutions are designed to accommodate your demands. There are no contracts, minimum volume obligations, or other hidden costs, and all software solutions are provided without charge.

You may produce up to 200,000 Certified or Priority Mail barcodes each import with our Rapid Print & Mail (RPM) software solution without changing your workflow or buying any additional tools. In addition to helping you detect mails that are Lost or Undelivered, our bespoke reporting options provide your customers tracking information for sent mailings. This turnkey solution is fast and simple to implement. You only need to choose your mailing volume, organize your transactions, and you’re all set to send!

Directly from your desk, send mail

Correct Products

For sending Certified Mail, bulk mailings are the best option. The Certified Mail barcoded sticker and the PS 3811 Return Receipt Green Card are combined into one printed page on WALZ multi-part mailer forms, which allows you to send more Certified Mail letters for less money. With our form solution for sending Certified Mail with Return Receipt Electronic, you can do away with the Green Card and save even more money. Choose the volume and form or envelope option that best suits your requirements, then get in touch with us to get started right away!

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Delivery guided by walz group

When using electronic return receipt services, our envelopes allow you to send mail while saving $1.25 per mailing. Your letter is prepared for postage by using our software to print and insert a cover sheet.

With our focused solutions, take your internal mailroom to the next level. Our most adaptable alternative, our barcode data alone solution, enables you to improve your internal mailing projects or submit a bid for assignments requiring Certified Mail or Priority Mail even if you have never sent that kind of mail before. This solution enables you to import your mailing list and get barcoded cover sheets that may be used with your own windowed envelope when utilizing your own envelopes is crucial to you. Services for tracking and reporting are provided!

Walz Group Certified Mail, Temecula, California

We provide corporate level outsourcing services without the inconvenience for customers that desire optimal efficiency. Our mailing facility’s technology combines top-tier security with competitive cost and user-friendliness.

Check printing takes time and costs money, but it doesn’t have to. Check printing is a snap thanks to our application, which combines the greatest secure print facility and data architecture available.


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