What does a “slender” in Roblox mean?

A Roblox Slender: What Is It?

Slenders and Copy and Pastes are Roblox players that dress in gothic fashion (abbreviations: CNP, CAP, SLD SCAP). Many have lower intellect quotients compared the rest of the Robloxia populace. Even some slim people troll Roblox players. Additionally, they illegally created custom hangouts for their gangs. Slenders and Robloxians who wear stitchface are frequently linked. However, there are some Roblox users that are kind and dress up as slenders and CNPs.

Nobody is certain of the identity of the original slim. Some people think that 3bwx became a slender because he was enraged by the Ro Gangsters and wanted to establish his slender army throughout the country. Others believe that the first slender was a citizen by the name of “TheNarrowGate,” which gave many Copy and Pastes the chance to take advantage of the situation and turn into Slenders as well. Although there are other people with names like “KhandyParker” and “SharkBlox,” none of them is recognized as the first slim. In 2021, the Great Robloxian War is thought to have been started by Slenders. SonaDrawzStuff, a cartoonist and Bloxtuber, discussed slenders, CNPs, and RoGangsters on April 18, 2021, and stated why it is wrong to attack people based just on their avatar. Millions of Roblox players were persuaded, and they began to disregard outward looks.

According to the U.R. “A.T.C.” Division, they are “neutral” on the issue.

The term “Slender” is mainly used to tall, thin persons who are typically male. The occasional thin woman can also be found, though. They mysteriously receive a large sum of money, which they spend on licenses, accessories, and other things. They frequently flex, says a Robloxian bystander in Miablox, Palm County, Robloxia.

On the other hand, Copy and Pastes resemble Slenders but are often female. They also receive a lot of money inexplicably. They are 1.12 meters (4 studs) tall and 1.12 meters (4 studs) broad, which is typical for a Robloxian. However, they also spend a lot of money on accessories, permits, and other flex items.

Slim body types:


of the three thinnest, the most nauseating. The skinny would attempt to finish an obstacle course if one were given to them. If the thin person is unable to finish it, they will declare that the obstacle course is useless and that they will have to keep trying until they succeed.



Toxic slenders refer to Roblox players who don’t have the same kind of avatar as them as “made from the pennies collected from the street” and “stupid poor losers,” as the term suggests.

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Like its name suggests, friendly slenders sometimes exhibit a trace of toxicity, but generosity makes up for it. Boomboxes create harmony, enhance squalid Robloxian homes, simplify obstacle courses, and combat criminality.


Some Roblox users dress up as Slender avatars only for the sake of looking cool, but they wind up becoming regarded as a genuine Slender as a result.

The treatment of slenders by the URATC

  • Lie. URATCs often act as though their parent is needed when their face is worth more than their parent’s wage.
  • Simply call them sus and call Sus Man.
  • Cook them. Employ the roasts here: Roasts to utilise in opposition to a slim.
  • Send them to RSCP locations so they may register in Class-D.

Disputed Myths

There are a few misconceptions that Roblox players think are related to slenders. They think that they were born with mental anomalies including being unpleasant to strangers who are not their friends, dating often (which is against Robloxia’s law), and frequently dressing in all black (which has prompted some Robloxians to label them punk). Some Roblox players think that having stitchface grants them special abilities. Some Roblox players think Da Hood is where slenders hang out. Some Roblox players think the URATC has harmed them.


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