Ruler Perfume

Roller perfume is one of the best perfumes made by Pakistani brand J. It smells very good. Its full name is Roller Burak Ozkivit because it is popularized by one of the best and most famous Turkish actors. This actor’s name is Burak Ozkivit, hence the name of this perfume. The price of this perfume is Rs 10500. Ruler perfume can easily be purchased from J.’s official website or from any branch of J.

Ruler Perfume

Category: Musky, Spicy, Citrusy, Ambery, Woody

Primary Accords

Top notes:     Pink pepper, cardamom, and violet leaves
Heart notes:  Rose, lily of the valley, and lavender are the heart notes.
Base Notes:   Vanilla, Musk, Cedarwood, and Amber

Ruler perfume 80 ml bottle size

Ruler Perfume


Its nature

By using a seductive combination of spicy-woody aroma, J. Fragrances strives to the actual leads beyond the wild stretch of fantasies, regal demeanor, and majestic style. Introduce yourself to Ruler, a scent that represents the regal stallion unleashing the pace for victory with the energizing spicy notes expertly blended with redolent woody notes to ignite the adventure that never stops and carves the soul of certainty which unfolds the real you, are born to reign.

More Information

Maintain Moderate Temperatures:

The chemical makeup of the scent can also be impacted by extreme temperatures. Avoid keeping it close to heaters or windows where temperatures can change drastically.

Keep the Bottle Sealed:

When not in use, make sure the bottle is completely sealed. Over time, the aroma may degrade due to air exposure.

Store it Somewhere Cool and Dark:

Light and temperature have an impact on perfume. Its composition and aroma may change when exposed to heat and light. Away from direct sunlight, keep your perfume in a cool, dark location.

Make use of the original packaging:

Keep the perfume in its original box if at all feasible. The container is made to shield the aroma from elements outside its control that can degrade its quality.

Eau de Parfum (EDP) often has a longer shelf life than lighter concentrations like Eau de Toilette (EDT) or Cologne. However, the shelf life can differ based on a number of variables, including the precise components used, the perfume’s quality, and how it is stored.

Generally speaking, a well-preserved EDP can endure up to 5 years. The scent may alter slightly with time, but it should still be functional. Follow the above-mentioned storage advice to extend the shelf life of your perfume as much as possible.


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