How to Answer “TFTI”

Perfect Phrases to Say TFTI

TFTI Although being one of the most used methods of communication today, text messaging is a relatively new invention.

On December 3, 1992,[1] the first text message was sent in the United Kingdom. However, it took many years for texting to gain popularity.

Sending text messages might be pricey before the advent of “unlimited speak and text.” The 12-key telephone keypads and character restrictions (about 160 characters per message) made it challenging to compose the ideal message. [1] [2]

These difficulties gave rise to well-known acronyms like “LOL” (for “laugh out loud”), “BRB” (for “be right back”), and “TFTI” (for “thanks for the invite,” which is typically used ironically).

Being left out always hurts, and getting a TFTI message in response is annoying.

This is a collection of possible responses to “TFTI,” including humorous, sympathetic, apologetic, and straightforward explanation options.

We also provide advice on how to select the appropriate response.

  1. I can promise you that nothing was missed.
  2. I didn’t believe you would be intrigued.
  3. After that.
  4. Thank you very much.
  5. Hey, I didn’t make the call.
  6. It was an impromptu decision. I did not intend it.
  7. No need to say thank you.
  8. Wish I’d done it. Without you, it was no pleasure.
  9. I’ll make amends for it, I swear!
  10. OMG! Sorry!
  11. Oh no, complete mistake!
  12. Seriously, I could have sworn I invited you.
  13. Drama [queen/king], sure.
  14. You failed to arrive the last time.
  15. Invites weren’t my responsibility.
  16. My bad.
  17. Count yourself fortunate. The whole thing failed.
  18. Simple error.
  19. To be really honest, I didn’t believe you would want to [person’s name].
  20. Apologies, but there was only space for [number] people.
  21. Tell me how to remedy that, please.
  22. I feel awful. Is it appropriate to talk now?
  23. I invited you a few weeks back. Did you miss it?
  24. I wasn’t invited last time by you.
  25. Whenever, LOL.
  26. I apologize for forgetting to invite you. What can 
  27. I do to make up for it?
  28. Seriously?! Following you [the reason they were
    not invited]?
  29. No issue.
  30. I regret it a lot.
  31. Is there a chance you’ll pardon me?
  32. If it helps, I’m terrible about it, if that makes you feel better.

How to Choose the Most Effective Reaction to “TFTI”

Depending on the sender, replying to a snarky text might be dangerous ground. When there are wounded feelings present, you might want to diffuse the situation.

When selecting a message, bear the following in mind:

If you’re angry, wait a minute before answering. If you’re feeling sensitive, you should refrain from responding. You’re not making clear decisions.Decide on an answer after taking a moment to collect oneself.
Establish the tone you wish to use. This is a quick and simple approach to reduce your options. Use a sarcastic response like “You’re welcome” or “Sure thing, drama queen” if you wish to counter the sarcasm. Choose a message that will come off as heartfelt, and include a justification for why the person wasn’t invited, if you want them to know you’re truly sorry.

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Think about how the message will be understood. SMS communications are prone to misunderstanding. If you’re working with someone who is really sensitive, take your time choosing your response and think about how each one will be seen by the other party. You might pick something snarkier or more playful if you and your buddies frequently make fun of one another.

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