Hundo P’: A guide to adolescent slang terms

What Exactly Does HUNDO P Stand For?

If you are a parent Hundo P and you found yourself clicking on this article, it is likely because you are clueless about what your children are saying. Hi! Your membership has been approved.

As a result of the proliferation of new slang terms and phrases brought about by the internet, particularly TikTok (let’s be real), it might be challenging to carry on a discussion with one’s children or grandchildren.

Hundo P” is an acronym for “one hundred percent.” Shutterstock

A chat with a typical adolescent may go something like this: “Oh, that VSCO girl? She’s certainly not in my squad. But I stan her swagger even if those scrunchies are garbage. Hundo P. OK, boomer?

Even if your child’s large ponytail holders are hideous, a girl who is considered fashionable does not hang out with your child’s circle of friends, but the trendy girl admires her self-assurance. Do you not realize that she is completely of the same opinion as you, you old and out-of-date mother?

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A collection of adolescent slang phrases, along with their explanations, is provided below. It is my hope that this will assist you in better comprehending what it is that your children are trying to tell you.

VSCO girl

Well, those lovely ladies from VSCO. You’ll be able to identify these females by the scrunchies they wear in their hair, the Hydroflask water bottles they drink out of, and the large hoodies they wear. The name “VSCO” originates from the camera app of the same name. If you are interested in going into further detail with the word, which has developed into a full-fledged meme, there are various explainers available online.

Tick tock, baby boomers: the problem of old age is “happening now
Many people are perplexed by the fact that VSCO females are often heard muttering “sksksk.” Yeah, you’re hearing the sound that occurs when you simultaneously press a large number of keys on your keyboard.According to Buzzfeed, this word’s origins may be traced back to the black community rather than the VSCO girls (as does much viral online chatter).

And I oop

Are you still here? A viral video clip of drag queen Jasmine Masters saying “and I oop” caused the internet (and yes, ultimately the VSCO female portion of the internet) to go into a frenzy once it was posted online.

When someone says something surprising or controversial, you might respond with the phrase “and I oop.”

All right, boomer

When someone answers to someone or something with “OK, boomer,” they are effectively labeling that item old, out-of-touch, and resistant to change. Generation Z and millennials are retaliating against the view that baby boomers have of them by using this term. Catchphrases with the word “boomer” have been around for a while, but the phrase “OK, boomer” has recently been popular thanks to the app TikTok.

According to Nadia Pessarossi, customersattention is shifting away from CAs and CPAs in recent years.
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Poor Karen. She’s right up there with Felicia in terms of competence. A”Karen” is often used to describe an entitled mother who may be bothersome with her continuous requests to “talk to the management.” She may also have a massive bob and drive a Volvo. A “Karen” may also be spelled “Karen.


In most cases, here is where a tale will begin. You are free to refer to anybody as bruh, but you should generally save the term for your close pals rather than, example, a manager. As an example, one would say, “Bruh, you won’t believe what just occurred to me.”


In modern parlance, a young guy who fits the Chad profile is one who exudes overt masculinity.


There are a few different applications for sis. If someone asks you what occurred, and your response is “Sis,” it indicates that there was a great deal of drama that took place, and that there is a great deal more to the narrative than what has been revealed thus far. It’s possible to show affection for someone by calling them “Sis.”


A supporter is sometimes known as a “stan.” But in the manner of a diehard supporter. It first appeared in Eminem’s music video for the song “Stan,” in which an obsessed supporter going by the name of Stan (look at that) takes his own life after writing the rapper several fan letters that went unanswered.


Garbage. Horrible. This phrase is used to allude to anything that cannot in any way be tolerated since it is deplorable in every way. So when you tell your pals that your boyfriend is going to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 15th of February instead of the 14th because he has to “work.” Yes, that dude is a piece of garbage, sis.


The same as the conventional definition of objectives. People use the term “goals” to refer to things that they like or aim to be like, such as when BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z shut down the Louvre for a music video. Goals. The phrase “couple goals” is often used to describe famous couples, such as Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, who are referred to as “couple goals.”


the individuals with whom you spend most of your time, such as your family or your inner circle of friends. They are the buddies that will be there for you no matter what. The term “squad objectives” refers to a group of individuals or a group that one aspires to have for one’s own team.

Hundo P

Abbreviation for “one hundred percent.” Without a doubt, without a shadow of a doubt, you are unquestionably verifying that particular claim. Do you want to go to Costco on the day that they provide free samples? Hundo P.


Savagery occurs when a person does or says something that is utterly absurd and has no fear of the ramifications or consequences of their actions. Savagery may be both verbal and physical. For instance, if you informed a buddy that you wanted the last cookie out of the cookie jar and they stole it and ate it right in front of you, it would be considered cruel and inconsiderate behavior.


In this situation, fire is beneficial. It conveys all positive connotations, such as fantastic, magnificent, and wonderful. You might say something like, “Thanks, Grams! This pie is FIRE!” or you could use the fire emoji instead. This would be appropriate if you went to your grandmother’s home and she made the sweet potato pie that you like so much.

In addition to this, they are used to enhance the appearance of hair, beautiful skin, and, of course, food.

I apologize to this gentleman.

Keke Palmer was asked about former Vice President Dick Cheney in relation to her time on the television series “True Jackson, VP” in a video for Vanity Fair that featured a polygraph test. When the interviewer presented her with a photograph of him, she said she didn’t know who he was and that she wouldn’t know a thing if he came up to her on the street. She retracted the photograph and apologized, saying, “I’m sorry to this guy.” And so, a meme was born.

The phrase “Sorry to this guy” is used when the speaker does not recognize the identity of the person being addressed (either because they truly do not know who the person is or because they are pretending not to know the person in order to minimize their presence).


Individuals respond with “same” when asked about things they have in common with another person. You are putting up your Christmas decorations earlier than everyone else, and you don’t care what others think, are you? Same. On the other hand, it may also be used in a satirical manner. For instance, if you tell a buddy, “OMG guys, Justin proposed,” that person may answer with “same” as a way to make fun of your delight.

A mood

“Mood” is synonymous with “same,” with the exception that it refers to an experience that encompasses the whole body. Let’s begin by describing the setting: there is snow on the ground, and the temperature outdoors is nine degrees. You are scrolling through Facebook when you come across a picture of a cat that is completely encased in a soft blanket with just his nose showing. Mood.


Either in emphatic agreement to something or to hype someone up, depending on the context. It is okay and even encouraged to remark “yassss!” on a picture that one of your pals has uploaded to Instagram in which they are looking very hot.

You may also exclaim “yasss!”when someone says something that you completely agree with because it hits a deep chord inside you.

I’m dead

The individual who is claiming to be deceased is really still alive. This is an appropriate reaction to something that is so amusing that it makes you feel like you are about to literally pass out from laughing. In certain cases, it is also used in lieu of laughing out loud.

Very. That sums it up well. That’s basically all you need to be aware of at this point. Since it is a literal abbreviation for the word “very,” the letter “V” may be used to emphasize any message. The so-called “unicorn puppy,” he is quite adorable. See also “p,” which is an abbreviation for “pretty.


The term “chill” may refer to several different things. Whenever someone advises you to “chill,” they want you to take a deep breath and relax, much like the title of a song by Taylor Swift. When someone extends an invitation to “relax,” it really just implies they want to hang out with you. Someone is trying to get you to “watch a movie” when they urge you to “Netflix and relax,” which is code for “have sex” since watching a movie always leads to activity. Context is really important.


This term offers a wide range of opportunities for creative expression. It’s a dancing motion, it may indicate to throw something, it can be uttered to express enthusiasm or agreement, and it can also mean to agree. Choose one of these. In any event, you shouldn’t yeet your infant as the mother in this picture is doing.


This is not the luxury purse your mother carried. This basically just refers to a different version of the word “good” and can be used in a variety of contexts. For example, let’s say Karen brought over a casserole, but she spilled it all over your white carpet, and despite her numerous apologies, she can tell that you’re still a little bit annoyed. It’s possible that Karen may inquire whether you’re OK, and since you don’t want to inflame the situation any more, you can respond by saying, “I’m fine” or “It’s all fine.”


In the strictest sense, this has nothing to do with getting a good night’s rest. To be socially awake and cognizant of racial, gender, and other forms of injustice is what is meant by the term “woke.”

Eboy or egirl

According to the internet, these individuals are avid internet users, who are often categorized as having a “emo” or punk-rock style of dress. It would seem that the keywords are gaining ground on TikTok.

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