What Does “EUC,” A Common Acronym, Mean?

EUC stand for and define

EUC Definition Due to the proliferation of online marketplaces like eBay and Facebook Market, users now need to become fluent in an altogether new language. When you are looking for a specific thing, you will not want to read an entire paragraph for each article that you browse through. It is much simpler when you only need a few characters to describe an object. In this lesson, you will learn how to correctly use the acronym “EUC” by working through some sample conversations and referring to an ESL infographic.

How does EUC come into play?

On websites like Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook, people routinely post advertisements for items they want to sell online. These advertisements typically include information about the item’s brand, size, and condition. “EUC” is an abbreviation that stands for “excellent used condition.” A seller can make the claim that their item, despite having been used previously, is still in excellent condition by using this phrase. This almost always denotes that it is brand new and has only been worn a limited number of times since it was purchased.

Other Meanings of the Word “EUC”

The phrase “excellent used condition” will most commonly indicate “excellent used condition,” but in unusual circumstances, it might also denote one of the following:

  • Extra-Linux Code
  • There is nothing that can be considered to be out of control.
  • End-User Certification Logic in my Feelings [Certification of End-Users]
  • Alternate Slang for “EUC”
  • The phrase “EUC” is most commonly heard in the context of consumer transactions. As a result, you can also come across these several other expressions.
  • The item is in a used condition, but it continues to serve its intended purpose.
  • The item has only been lightly utilized a few times before now.
  • Hasn’t been used much, almost new.

FC means the item is in fine condition; there are only a few traces of previous use visible.

  • G – Good state
  • Utilized in a mild manner (GU)
  • in pristine condition (MNT)
  • The abbreviation NBW stands for “never worn.”
  • Almost as good as new (NM)
  • Examples of Conversations

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Samples of discussions that make use of the term “EUC

  • Old Navy boots, seller 837, grey, size 7 for women, in excellent pre-owned condition. 2 months old at this point.
    home that does not allow smoking or pets of any kind. $30 obo
  • Buyer 081 shows a lot of excitement. Would you be willing to take $25?
  • Seller837 confirms. I’ll come get you in the afternoon. dets \sAnalysis


This conversation, the dealer is describing a pair of shoes that are intended for female customers. She provides essential details about the object, like its color, brand, size, age, and the fact that the residence does not permit smoking or the keeping of pets, two factors that can commonly leave odors on items that have not even been used. The transaction for the sale is finished once a counteroffer has been accepted in response to the advertisement.

OBO stands for

“Or best offer,” PM for “Private Message,” and deets for “details.”

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