Baalveer Season 3

Baalveer Season 3 continues the magical adventures of Baalveer, a young superhero, as he battles evil forces to protect the world from supernatural threats and maintain harmony.”.An Indian fantasy television series called Baalveer 3 ran on Sony SAB and Sony LIV from 18 March 2023 to 9 September 2023. It is the third installment in the Baalveer saga and a direct sequel to Baalveer, with Baalveer Returns coming after it. Vipul D. Shah’s production company, Optimystix Entertainment, is in charge of this.Dev Joshi and Aditi Sanwal play the leads, with Ada Khan playing a bad character, in this digital streaming production by Sony LIV. It is a spiritual sequel to Baalveer and Baalveer Returns and the third installment in the Baalveer trilogy.

The season centers on Baalveer, a youthful superhero whose cunning bosses deprive him of both his identity and powers. He lives a routine life until an unforeseen occurrence rekindles his talents. He teams up with a girl named Kaashvi and sets off on a quest to restore his identity and powers while fending off his enemies. Mixed evaluations have been given to the season. While some reviewers have applauded the show’s action scenes and special effects, others have faulted its storyline and cast of characters. Nevertheless, the program has enjoyed commercial success, regularly placing among the top programs on SAB TV.
On September 4, 2023, the most recent episode of Baalveer Season 3 aired. In the episode, Baalveer learns that his father is held captive by strong magic and tries to free him. In the meantime, Benaam searches for Tauba Tauba to help her and Kaashvi discover a way out of the dream realm.


Adishi’s son, Baalveer, is a young man from Udaka-Lok, the sister planet to Shashvan-Lok, the seat of righteousness. Uttan, the king of Shashvan-Lok, grants Baalveer some authority. However, an evil power known as Aagil, the empress of Himbash-Lok, manages to create the Mahajadoo, an ultraweapon that would destroy the Baalveer.


  • As Veer Bhardwaj, played by Dev Joshi, Benaam and Bhasm’s real son, Adishi’s adopted son, Uttan’s pupil, and Kaashvi’s friend. He is the third Baalveer and the universe’s guardian. On Earth, he goes by the name Veer and gets along well with Kaashvi.
  • Aditi Sanwal plays Kaashvi Sahay, an ally of Baalveer and the daughter of Tuyeer and Babel. She didn’t immediately know her mother’s true identity or that she carried Aageel’s Mahajadoo within her. Even though Aageel misled her about who killed her parents, her confusion is eventually cleared out. She has a friendly relationship with Veer and his family.
  • Behzaad Khan plays Uttan, the mentor to Baalveer and the emperor of Shaashvaan Lok. He consistently strives to maintain Shaashvaan Lok’s regulations since he is a stickler.
  • Nehmaag: the upright twin of Shashmaag. He was falsely accused of Shashmaag’s crimes, but he displays great delight in helping Shaashvaan Lok. He was murdered by Shashmaag, and the former assumed his identity.
  • Sharmilee Raj plays Benaam, the wife of Bhasm and the biological mother of Baalveer. She assisted Veer in remembering who he really was and in establishing his innocence.
  • Manish Khanna as Bhasm: Baalveer’s biological-father; Benaam’s husband. He was initially a soldier of Shaashvaan-Lok who defied Uttan for his sinister intentions of conquering the world.



Through an official teaser, Optimystix Entertainment announced the series on Sony SAB and Sony LIV in December 2022.In January 2023, filming for this season got underway. The main shoot got under way in Mumbai. Aditi Sanwal and Dev Joshi were cast as the leads in addition to the title role. Ada Khan was simultaneously chosen to play the primary antagonist.


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