15 Websites and Apps OfferUp Alternatives

15 Websites and Apps

If you need to sell anything quickly,Websites and Apps  OfferUp is one of the most popular venues to utilize.

Nonetheless, vendors in this industry are fiercely competitive. And if you sell online, you must pay a final selling charge of $1.99 or 12.9%!

Due of the competition and expenses, using OfferUp alternatives to discover more customers is sometimes preferable.

So today I’m going to go through some of the top applications like OfferUp for flipping goods for money.

Let’s get started.

The Greatest OfferUp Alternatives
There are several applications and websites like OfferUp available. Some are better than OfferUp for selling in-person for quick cash, while others are better for selling online.

Moreover, certain markets are better suited to specific sorts of items or more narrow categories than others.

Consider the sort of goods you’re offering and if you prefer in-person or online sales. Finally, choose some sites and applications that make sense, such as OfferUp.

1. The Facebook Marketplace
The Facebook Marketplace is one of the greatest websites similar to OfferUp.

I’ve previously sold items on Facebook Marketplace, including some old furniture and a guitar. Since it has so many local buyers, it is usually my first choice for selling.

Creating a listing, like OfferUp, is entirely free. And there are a variety of popular items to sell on Facebook, such as:


  • Sports cards and Pokemon cards are examples of collectibles.
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Items for the home
  • Shoes and sneakers
  • Tools
  • Toys
  • Facebook-marketplace-Pokemon-cards
  • You must negotiate with purchasers and connect with them, which might take some time.

Websites and Apps

Yet, after you agree on a price and meeting location, you may earn rapid money and avoid paying selling costs.

While you may sell online and agree to ship to purchasers, the Facebook Marketplace is mostly for local commerce. For a detailed comparison of these two services, see our article on Facebook Marketplace versus OfferUp.

2. Mercari
If you want to sell anything online, Mercari is one of the top OfferUp alternatives.

Websites and Apps

After downloading the free app, making a listing is similar to OfferUp. Just add some photographs, create a title and description, and choose your pricing.

Buyers may then contact you to ask inquiries or negotiate costs.

With Mercari, you may sell a variety of items, with popular categories including:

  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Items for the home
  • Toys
  • Consoles and video games
  • Smartwatches and watches

Mercari’s costs are also lower than those of OfferUp, with fees equal to 10% of final selling prices.

Most of the time, consumers pay for delivery as well, however one typical Mercari ploy is to offer free shipment to lure more buyers.

For a detailed comparison of these two selling applications, see our page on OfferUp versus Mercari.

3. Swappa
Swappa is one of the greatest sites like OfferUp to utilize if you have any outdated gadgets to get rid of.

Websites and Apps

Swappa for sale
You may sell a number of things on this electronics secondhand marketplace, including:

Apple Watches and other wearable technologies

  • Cameras
  • Xbox and PlayStation 5 gaming consoles
  • Amazon Echo and Google Home gadgets are examples of home technology.
  • iPads
  • iPhones
  • Macbooks
  • Computer games

All you have to do is input the thing that you want to sell on Swappa. It provides you an average marketplace price, and you can then decide whether or not to sell on Swappa’s marketplace.

Swappa has an advantage over OfferUp in that you just pay 3% in seller fees when you make a deal.

You are also compensated using PayPal money, which protects both buyers and sellers via PayPal.

4. Craigslist
Craigslist is one of the most well-known and widely used classified websites. Unsurprisingly, it’s also a great platform like OfferUp that you can utilize.

Craigslist has no frills; just offer anything for sale, pick your price, and begin negotiating with customers in your region.

The benefit of selling on Craigslist is that you may locate customers immediately and all deals are cash.

The disadvantage is that you will most likely have to haggle more and pick a time and location to meet your customer.

Yet, it is a rather dependable alternative to OfferUp for selling popular goods or items such as gold, silver, or appliances.

5. Locanto
Locanto is another famous service comparable to OfferUp that is a classified type website similar to Craigslist.

Locanto allows you to post almost anything for sale, and it is accessible across the United States and many other nations.

Websites and Apps


It is free to create a classified ad, and you can include images and set your own rates.

Locanto also offers a number of additional services, such as community gatherings and local dating. Yet, it is still highly popular for selling items for fast cash.

You also don’t have to pay seller fees, making it a more affordable OfferUp option.

6. Poshmark
Poshmark is one of the top OfferUp alternatives for selling apparel and accessories.

This resale marketplace focuses on designer women’s apparel, accessories, shoes, and handbags.

Websites and Apps

You may still sell other items on Poshmark, such as home products or men’s and children’s clothes, but it’s ideal for selling name-brand clothing and accessories.

Listings are similar to OfferUp in that you post images and provide a description of what you’re selling.

The key difference between OfferUp and Poshmark is how fees are calculated.

Poshmark charges sellers a variety of fees based on the ultimate transaction price:

Under $15 sales: $2.95 flat charge.
Poshmark receives a 20% fee on sales above $15.
Poshmark is sometimes more costly than OfferUp due to this fee arrangement.

Yet, since you may find buyers for designer items more rapidly, the premium may be worth it. Poshmark also offers a prepaid shipping label, which eliminates the need to pay for postage.

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7. VarageSale
VarageSale is a “online garage sale,” similar to OfferUp, that allows you to sell both online and locally.

Websites and Apps

The platform also operates in three easy steps:

  • When you’ve created an account, you may join your local community.
  • To validate your VarageSale account, connect it to Facebook.
  • Post your stuff for sale and meet with potential buyers in your area.
  • On VarageSale, people sell a variety of items, most notably apparel, household
  • products, and toys. Nonetheless, it is a local market where almost anything goes.
  • The greatest aspect of VarageSale versus OfferUp is that at the time of writing, VarageSale does not charge any fees.

8. 5miles
5miles is another popular selling software that you may use instead of OfferUp.

As the name implies, 5miles mostly serves those looking to purchase and sell items in their local region. If you reside in a large city, you should have no trouble finding prospective consumers.



And 5miles allows you to sell almost anything, including:

  • Cars
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Home furnishings and secondhand furniture
  • Toys
  • Computer games
  • The biggest disadvantage of 5miles over OfferUp is that the price is a little perplexing.

You receive some free listings every month in specific categories, but you have to pay $4.99 for more. And it costs $1.99 every 7 days your listing is available for standard listings for most items.

5miles does not charge a selling fee, however it does charge 4.9% when payments are withdrawn to your bank account.

Generally, it is not as cost-effective for local sales as OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace. Yet, if you wind up sending your stuff to someone, it will most likely be less expensive.

9. eBay
A list of the finest sites like OfferUp would be incomplete without include eBay.

eBay is one of the most well-known internet marketplaces in the world.. It also allows you to sell to millions of active customers worldwide or locally via eBay classified advertisements.

Websites and Apps

It’s also incredibly handy for selling more specialized things, such as Beanie Babies or basketball cards.

The disadvantage of selling on eBay is that it costs 12.9% in seller fees in the majority of categories.

But, other categories are just 5%, and, once again, you have access to many more customers on eBay than you have on OfferUp.

While you may offer free delivery, it is usual for purchasers to pay for postage on eBay.

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10. Listia
Listia, a free auctions website, is another popular site similar to OfferUp.

Because of how the rewards/payments operate, this is also one of the more unusual options to OfferUp.

Websites and Apps

Listia allows you to make free listings for items you wish to sell. Buyers bid on your products using an auction style on the internet.

You gain points when you sell anything on Listia. You may then use your points to get free gift cards, kitchen equipment, gadgets, and other items.

In my perspective, it’s the most perplexing OfferUp rival, yet the auction model might be more thrilling than selling at a predetermined price.

Listia, on the other hand, allows you to sell at predetermined pricing, making it one of the most diverse and innovative selling platforms available.

11. Carousell
If you’re still seeking for applications like OfferUp, you can always sell on Carousell.

Websites and Apps

This Android and iOS software allows you to easily make listings for items you wish to sell, with popular categories including:

  • Automobiles and real estate
  • Fashion
  • Residence and way of life
  • Games and hobbies
  • Electronics and mobile phones
  • You may also pick whether to meet customers in person or mail it to them, and who pays for shipping charges.

Carousell now only charges seller fees in some regions, and the platform is a little more complicated than OfferUp.

It is, however, a quick method to transform your junk into cash that you may utilize if OfferUp isn’t working for you.

12. Wallapop
Wallapop, like OfferUp, is a local classifieds website and app where you can sell items to others in your region.

Websites and Apps

If you reside in Europe, Wallapop is one of the greatest OfferUp alternatives. The selling app, which is located in Spain, is accessible in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, and numerous other countries.


  • Popular items for sale on Wallapop include:
  • Mobile phones
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Items for the home and garden
  • Sporting goods
  • Consoles and televisions
  • Like OfferUp, listing is free, and you coordinate deals by texting nearby buyers.
  • Moreover, like OfferUp, the Wallapop app is accessible for Android and iOS and is simple to use.

13. Oodle
Oodle, another major classifieds website, is another option similar to OfferUp for selling items.

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Oodle, like other classified websites, allows individuals to sell almost anything, including:

  • Cards
  • Dogs
  • Fashionable things
  • Furniture
  • Instruments
  • Jewelry
  • Sports equipment, such as secondhand bikes or sports equipment
  • Electronics and video games

Since you meet purchasers in person, all transactions are cash, allowing you to avoid exorbitant internet seller fees.

How to Use Sites and Apps Like OfferUp

Now that you’ve learned about some of the greatest websites and applications like OfferUp, here are a few seller suggestions to help you succeed!

1. Upload High-Quality Images
To offer consumers greater trust, any OfferUp alternative should include a large number of high-quality images.

Consumers want to know what they’re paying for, thus photographs are important. This is particularly true if you sell items online and must send them to the customer.

Furthermore, if you’re selling apparel, try to photograph things like the tag and someone wearing it so the customer can see all the details.

2. Examine Competitor Prices
Before you establish your rates, look as a customer to discover what other vendors are charging for their goods.

To be successful, you don’t have to undercut the whole market. But, you should not charge much more than every other vendor for the same or comparable items.

3. Write Extensive Descriptions
Writing an in-depth description may make or break your ad on marketplaces like OfferUp.

Descriptions assist you in persuading the customer to do business with you. When customers search for the precise item you’re selling, descriptions might help your listings rank better on marketplace search engines.

You should include the following information in your descriptions:

  • Sizes
  • Materials
  • Condition (new, like-new, good, bad, flawed) (new, like-new, good, poor, faulty)
  • Colors
  • Brand
  • The product’s age
  • If you live in a non-smoking or pet-free household

Even little details, such as whether something arrives in its original packaging, might be significant. You may even indicate the grade if you’re selling collectibles like Yugioh cards or Magic cards.

Here’s an example of a nice OfferUp description for a handbag listing:

  • Explanation of an OfferUp listing
  • Handbags and clothing are popular commodities on OfferUp, but one seller stands out because they write excellent descriptions.
  • This description provides purchasers with a wealth of information, including size, brand color, product benefits, and condition.
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4. Instantly communicate with buyers
Internet sales are competitive. Hence, if you get a communication from a buyer, answer as soon as feasible.

You are not required to spend time with low-ball offerings. But, for genuine inquiries and purchasers, be prompt and professional in order to seal the deal before they go on.

5. Understand Your Lowest Price
With applications like OfferUp, haggling is an unavoidable part of the selling process. But, you should know your absolute lowest selling price and be strong while bargaining.

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Last Thoughts
I hope my list of the finest OfferUp apps and sites helps you sell your items fast so you can generate money when you need it the most.

I’ve sold a lot of stuff online over the years. Yet, one of the most crucial things for sellers to do is to choose a reliable site to prevent frauds and rapidly discover buyers.

Remember that you may always utilize several OfferUp alternatives to increase the number of buyers who notice your offering.

I even prepared a YouTube video explaining some of my favorite selling applications and websites that may be used as OfferUp substitutes. This movie also contains other red signals that sellers should be aware of, so I recommend watching it.

And who knows, after a few sales, you could discover that you like reselling and convert it into a new side business.

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