14 occupations that offer an hourly wage of $35

There are 14 careers that provide an hourly income of $35 or more.

What do radiation therapists, financial analysts, computer programmers, and agricultural engineers have in common? 14 careers make a median wage of $35 per hour, or nearly $70,000 annually (maybe more).

Consider what next steps you should take to assist you get one of these well-paying careers if you don’t currently have the necessary credentials. These 14 careers need various degrees of education and work experience.

1:Jobs for Agricultural Engineers
Agricultural engineers, usually referred to as biological and agricultural engineers, are responsible for a range of tasks. These activities include anything from aquaculture (growing aquatic-adapted food like fish) to land farming to forestry; from creating biofuels to enhancing conservation; from designing animal habitats to discovering more efficient food processing methods.
Common educational attainment: Bachelor’s degree
Hourly wage: $34.18 on average

2:Jobs for architects
Architects are responsible for the planning and design of buildings and other structures. They often use marketing and public speaking to get new jobs. Moreover, they create and handle construction contracts as well as design and build standards.
A professional architectural degree from a recognized institution and passing the Architect Registration Exam constitute the typical educational background.
Hourly wage: $34.88 on average

3. Jobs for computer programmers
Computer programmers develop code to produce software applications. They convert the blueprints for programs developed by engineers and software developers into commands that a computer can understand.
Common educational attainment: Bachelor’s degree
Hourly wage: $34.32 on average

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4. Posts for Database Administrators
Database administrators employ software to store and arrange data, including financial records and delivery history for customers. They guarantee that users may access data and that it is safe from illegal access.
Common educational attainment: Bachelor’s degree
Hourly wage: $35.33 on average

5. Work as an elevator installer and repairer
The maintenance, installation, and repair of elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and other lifts is the responsibility of elevator installers and repairers.
A formal apprenticeship and a high school diploma are typical educational prerequisites.
An average hourly pay of $34.09

6. Jobs for Financial Analyst
Financial analysts advise companies and people who are making investment choices, according to their job description.Bonds, stocks, and other financial goods are all subject to evaluation.
Bachelor degree is the usual level of education
An average hourly pay of $35.75

7:Jobs as a Financial Examiner
Financial examiners are responsible for ensuring that the rules governing financial institutions and transactions are adhered to. They examine balance sheets, analyze credit risk, and rate bank management.
typical level of education undergraduate degree
Hourly wage: $36.03 on average

8:Jobs for geographers
Geographers research the earth’s surface, geographical characteristics, and population. They also look at how geographical phenomena, such as political or cultural systems, connect to one another. They examine a region’s physical, human, or both geographic aspects, depending on the scale (from local to worldwide).
typical level of education undergraduate degree
Average hourly wage: $35

9. Logistical positions
The mechanism that delivers a product from producer to customer is known as the supply chain, and logisticians are responsible for analyzing and coordinating it. They oversee a product’s whole life cycle, including its procurement, allocation, distribution, and delivery.
Common educational attainment: Bachelor’s degree
Hourly wage: $34.04 on average

ten jobs as an occupational therapist
Working conditions: With the use of therapeutic daily activities, occupational therapists treat patients who have impairments, diseases, or injuries. They support the growth, improvement, and development of these individuals’ daily life and employment abilities.
Common educational level: master’s
Hourly wage: $34.77 on average

10:Jobs for Operations Research Analyst
Operations research analysts employ cutting-edge analytical techniques to assist businesses in problem-solving and decision-making. They often identify and categorize business issues, such as production, logistics, or sales challenges, and then investigate data to determine what is pertinent to the issue and what techniques should be used to evaluate it.
Common educational level: master’s
Hourly wage: $34.12 on average

11:Jobs as a radiation therapist
Radiation therapists provide radiation therapy to patients in order to treat cancer and other illnesses. Typically, they run the machinery to administer radiation therapy to the patient after explaining treatment plans to the patient and responding to queries regarding the procedure. They also often X-ray the patient to pinpoint the precise position of the region that has to be treated.
A formal training program must be completed, and the majority of these programs result in a bachelor’s or associate degree.
Hourly wage: $36.05 on average

12:Jobs as a Behavior Specialist
Sociologists investigate the processes through which individuals form groups, cultures, organizations, social institutions, and behaviors in order to examine society and social behavior.
Common educational level: master’s
Hourly wage: $34.79 on average

14. Jobs for statisticians
Statisticians study, evaluate, and derive conclusions from data using mathematical methods. The work of statisticians is used to inform many political, social, economic, and military choices.
Common educational level: master’s
Hourly wage: $35.02 on average

*Job descriptions, educational requirements, and median hourly income from the Occupational Outlook Handbook of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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